What We Do

Our Brand Story

EXPRESS GRAPHICS is a closed corporation stationed in the Vaal Triangle and works throughout South Africa. We are proud to say we work with a qualified team of Designers who will capture the spirit of the client into visual solutions that communicate their brand message and Applicators to apply those solutions. We pride ourselves that quality is our aim although we offer very competitive prices. Therefor we made our mark in the signage industry the past few years.


We Design

We have qualified designers in house.

We Print

We do all kinds of printing and laser machining.

We Care

We strive to listen to our customers and make sure that you are satisfied.

We are the company you need in you

What We Do

We specialize
in various forms of digital printing and signage. Our
trained staff takes pride in producing high quality print finishes on all projects. We do in-house & Outdoor, high quality digital printing and laminating on a huge variety of substrates such as: Vinyl sticker, Photo paper, Wall paper, Canvass, Backlit media & PVC banner, to name but a few. All manufacturing and sign structures are produced on site by qualified personnel with years of collective

Defiantly not. We work all over South Africa. You are more then welcome to contact us so we can assist you with pricing.

We are always open to help our clients. We have a strong believe in going the extra mile for our clients.

With pleasure. We always strive to help all our clients. No matter how big or small the job may be.

Some of our material are charged depending on how much square meter you use. For us to help you in the most effective way, have your sizes ready. Even if you are not sure as to what you need. Contact us so that we can help find the right solution for your needs. 


Recent Work

Itech Plus

Itech Plus, has been a long standing client of us, we help them with all there printing needs. In December 2021, we manufactured a 3d sign for them using perspex and Chrome Profiling on the sides.

Amfer Power Solutions

Amfer Power solutions came to us in February. Where they needed shop branding. We helped them with 5m x 3m stretch banners, cromadecs, car branding, business cards, ncr books and a corporate identity.

Lutz Marine

Lutz Marine, has been with us for years now. We help them with all there signage and printing needs. From the office to the showroom, where we brand their boats and give them a face lift. In March, Lutz Marine decided to redo their signage, and contacted us.  Where we printed and installed a 6.2m x 3.2m banner, 8.5m x 1.2m cromadeck board and a few more standard cromadeck signs.


Sign Boards

We can help you with Cromadeck Signs, Perspex Signs, 3D Signs, Banner Signs and so much more.

Digital & Litho Printing

All your Business cards, Brochures, Company Profiles, NCR Books and Catalog Books.


Design and Much more

We have designers to bring your company to live and to make sure that your branding message gets communicated the right way. We still have a lot of printing solutions to cover, so please go have a look at our services.